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Edward Thompson (Chair)

Workforce Development Specialist at City of Las Vegas

Ed's journey is a testament to his dedication and innovation. Originally hailing from New York, he embarked on a culinary career that began at the prestigious Ritz-Carlton Boston. Fueled by his passion for gastronomy, Edward honed his skills and developed a reputation for his culinary creativity and precision.

However, the allure of new horizons led Edward to Las Vegas, where he would make his mark in more ways than one. Joining the opening team of the M resort, he brought his culinary expertise to the forefront, contributing to the establishment's renowned reputation for exceptional dining experiences. Yet, it was during this time that Edward's entrepreneurial spirit and diverse interests converged in an unexpected way.

Drawing inspiration from his love of video games and the growing realm of esports, Edward founded Complete Gamer. This innovative venture aimed to bridge communities with the rapidly expanding esports ecosystem. Through Complete Gamer, Edward provided a platform for gamers to connect, compete, and collaborate, fostering a sense of belonging in a dynamic virtual landscape.

Edward's forward-thinking approach not only garnered attention within the gaming community but also caught the eye of city officials. Recognizing his ability to create opportunities and connect diverse groups, the City of Las Vegas offered him a remarkable position within its Workforce Development and YDSI (Youth Development and Social Innovation) program. In this role, Edward leveraged his experiences to spearhead initiatives that not only promoted workforce development but also empowered the youth with innovative skills and perspectives.

Edward Thompson's journey encapsulates the power of passion, adaptability, and community-building. From his origins as a chef at the Ritz-Carlton Boston to his role in the City of Las Vegas, his story is a testament to the remarkable outcomes that can emerge when one follows their passions and seizes unexpected opportunities, including the hundred plan a visionary, community-led approach to revitalizing the Historic Westside - completed in 2016. Since then, community partners and the city of Las Vegas have worked to align resources to bring the plan to life. From the James Gay park and the vertical farm project supplying fresh produce to the residents of the Historic Westside, Historic Jackson Ave. street and side walk re development, Re creation of the Marble Manor site, and many other community support facilities to assist the residents of the historic west side.


Edward Thompson's journey showcases the power of passion, adaptability, and community-building. From his culinary beginnings to his influential role in Las Vegas, his story demonstrates how following one's passions and seizing unexpected opportunities can lead to remarkable outcomes for both individuals and communitie

Edward Thompson (Chair)
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